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pool deck

Things to Consider When Installing a Pool Deck

pool deck

A pool deck is much more than an area around a pool that limits the risks of slipping. A pool deck acts as a functional and design element. That being said, you should consider the following things when installing a pool deck:


It’s important to think about what you’re going to use your pool deck for. For example, do you plan on using it only to gain access to your pool and hang out near your pool? Or, do you want to host parties and barbeques on your pool deck? Depending on your answer, you might choose to install a small pool deck with a customized material or a large pool deck with a more functional material.


Before installing a pool deck, you should establish a budget. While the price you pay for your pool deck is ultimately dependent upon various factors, such as what material you use, size of your pool deck, and location, the average price of a pool deck is around $2,500. That being said, you should expect to pay a few grand for a quality pool deck.

Material and Design

While concrete is one of the most popular pool deck materials, there are hundreds of other materials to choose from, such as:

  • Stone
  • Unglazed tile
  • Brick
  • Pavers
  • Rubber
  • Wood

The opportunities are truly endless. The type of material you use will ultimately be dependent upon your budget, what qualities you want in your pool deck material, desired maintenance level, and style. For example, if you want a traditional and naturalistic appeal, you should choose a material like wood. But, if you want a more sophisticated appeal, tile is a great option.

Hire a Professional

Regardless of your budget and desired material and style, you should hire a professional to install your pool deck. A professional will ensure you choose the right materials for a moderate price, as well as ensure the overall quality and safety of your pool deck.

8 Ways to Make Your New Apartment Feel Like Home


Living in an apartment can sometimes feel like living in a hotel. There’s something lacking from the “homey” feel that a house possesses, mostly due to the fact that apartments house multiple families and individuals all in one building. Everyone shares a common area packed with amenities like a pool or fitness center (or both!) Perhaps you have to climb two flights of stairs or take an elevator to your living space. Feels weird, doesn’t it?

If you just moved into a new apartment recently and are struggling to feel at home, here are some tips and tricks to make it feel warmer.

#1. Paint. This is pending your apartment complex’s rules, but some will allow their residents to paint the walls. The white color that comes standard in most communities can feel quite stale.

#2. Hang pictures. This is especially helpful if you can’t paint. Choose colorful photos and frames that will accent your furniture and other decor. The faces of those you love most will make your space feel a lot like home right away.

#3. Clean. If you don’t have time to clean yourself, you may want to consider hiring a professional cleaning company. However, this is one of those things we suggest doing yourself if possible, as you’ll really get to know your space in the process.

#4. Cook a meal. Nothing says “home” like a home-cooked meal! Find a recipe on Pinterest and spend 30 minutes to an hour cooking something you’ve never eaten before. Or, if you want to feel really at home, you could cook one of your favorite family recipes, handed down the elders in your previous generation of relatives (you know, aunts, grandmothers, or even mom.)

#5. Decorate. Along with hanging pictures on the wall, you’ll definitely want to put up additional knick knacks. Display those sentimental items to make the place feel even more homey. Hang curtains on all the windows to add an extra dose of privacy.

Are you currently renting a place that’s not your own? What are some other ways you like to spruce up your apartment or condo to make it feel more like home?

How to Layer Your Landscape Like a Pro

layered landscape side entrance house

Have you ever before questioned exactly what makes the distinction in between a great, cool looking backyard as well as a spectacular properly designed one?

Among the unmentioned keys of the pros is utilizing layers in their styles. If you have any kind of uncertainties concerning that, most likely to a few of one of the most special and also pricey areas where you live as well as truly take a look at the distinctions in those landscapes as well as the ones in the even more middle-class locations. Huge distinction, right?

You could take a look at first-rate and popular yards such as Canada’s Buchart Gardens or the Missouri Botanical Gardens too and you’ll see it there, as well. It’s layers!

Naturally, there are numerous other components regarding a layout aside from simply utilizing layers of plants, yet this is the one that creates an amazing yard / landscape versus one that is eye-catching yet rather ordinary.

You’ll discover as an example, huge hedges behind-the-scenes or perhaps several of the high slim Italian Cypress-type trees, however in every component of the layout there will certainly be various other much shorter plants and blossoms before those.

So if you assume your tiny little lawn can not look extremely attractive or obtain a great deal of interest from the next-door neighbors, reconsider!

One instance that might be made use of in a smaller-sized landscape and help you obtain that stunning, lavish look would certainly be to have the highest bushes, versus your back fencing (perhaps Red-Tipped Photinia or a Privet Bush with two to three high cypress-type trees either before the bush or off sideways, then before that might be some Japanese Boxwood, maintained to a 4-6 ′ elevation, depending upon the elevation of the bushes in back) and afterwards to match the layers, possibly a sculpture or birdbath bordered by smaller-sized bushes (such as dwarf Youpon Hollies or Pittosporum or blossoms as a choice).

Corners are terrific for imaginative landscape design. Among the preferred edges in my very own landscape is one in between my back gateway and your house. I have actually placed 2 4×6’ items of trellis there (one undecided, the other on the home to earn an edge of trellis) and also it is covered with rich lovely ivy. Before that is a birdbath on which I sealed a 20″ angel, and also the birdbath is bordered by tiny Youpon Hollies flanked by a gorgeous warm pink Sage Shrub and also deep environmentally-friendly Lariope. Easy and cost-effective, however striking really nice-looking!

If you have a center-of-yard kind layout such as blossoms or a ground cover around a tree as an example, and also you have a number of plants there, the very same “layering concept” would use big plants nearest the tree and also tiniest at the boundaries of the growth.

I hope you find this concept  helpful and will use it in your personal landscape. I believe you will certainly see a difference right away!

5 Thanksgiving Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Festive Look

Turkey day is right around the corner. As you prep your home for guests and decide what to put on the Thanksgiving menu, consider these 5 interior decor ideas to bring a festive look to your abode. We’ve curated a list from all over the web. These easy tricks are sure make your friends and family feel even more at home as they stuff their faces with pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole!

#1. Festive Throw Pillows: Buy a solid-colored decorative pillow from your local TJ Maxx or HomeGoods store, and cut fall leaf shapes out of felt. Use a hot glue gun to attach the leaves to the pillow, and voila! You can replace your everyday throw pillows with these crafty substitutes for a fun and festive look!

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

#2. Pumpkin Candlesticks: Replace your regular candles with small pumpkins and gourds. You can find cheap candlesticks at your local thrift store and spray paint them with a contrasting paint. You can even paint the pumpkins if you want!

#3. Thankful Tree. What a fun and creative way to give thanks and encourage your guests to remember all we have to be thankful for! Ask each visitor to write messages of gratitude on paper ornaments, and tie those ornaments to tree branches anchored in a vase with sand. Make sure they sign and date their messages to make the resulting keepsake even more memorable.

#4. Cornucopia. Count your blessings with this beautiful centerpiece! Fill it up with as many fall fruits as will fit and remember what a bountiful harvest this season (and life) brings as you enjoy the company of your loved ones over a wonderful Thanksgiving feast.

#5. Autumn Leaf Garland. You can choose to buy one pre-made, or make your own by collecting fallen leaves from outside and stringing them together along the mantle.  Spruce up the scene with beads, candles, vases and gourds, and your guests are sure to smile when they enter your home.

7 tips on building your new home on a budget

#1. Get an unused land

The land is one the things that could make your budget shoot high because of renovating and cleaning it. Most people have properties on stone, hilly or rough places that need to undergo substantial earthworks. This should be done before any construction work is done to make sure that you have an ideal location for development. This is going to add an extra cost to the building process which makes the home expensive. Ensure that you get an unused land that has all the perfect features to accommodate a home without further expenses.

#2. Buy all materials at once

You can only construct a home on a budget if you have the materials in a store. Buying the things one at a time could make you spend a lot of money compromise your budget. To ensure that you have the things cost you less, you need to buy everything at once so that the construction becomes faster and quick. This is going even to shorten the construction process hence cost you less on the labour sector. Just ensure that you have the professionals to outline all the materials for you.

#3. Don’t try to outdo neighborhood

Build a home that only satisfies you as the owner but not something that it is meant for competition. Trying to outdo other homes makes you spend a lot of money because you will be adding things or features that have not been budgeted for. You need to ensure that you respect your plan and budget to make sure that you don’t incur an extra loss. Mostly, people keep an additional amount to make sure that they cover what was forgotten during the planning stage. This is the best thing at all times because you are not going to stress yourself on where to take extra cash.

#4. Avoid making changes

Making changes in a bid to reduce your expenditure could make you spend a lot of money. You need to decide everything at the beginning to ensure that everything that is going to be planned will be initiated as appropriate. If you make changes, that means that the previously bought things are going to be discarded and news to get installed. This is going to make you spend a lot of money.

#5. Make a perfect foundation.

Making a weak foundation can make you earn loses because you will need to make more severe adjustments. Get a different contractor who can deal with everything to ensure that you have a perfect home.

#6. Make it easy to maintain

You need to make sure that you have the best materials that would be easy to maintain even after the construction is over. This is going to reduce the budget because it would be easy to handle and keep it. If you want to ensure that you have a perfect home that has all the best features, then everything should be well planned on the house plan.

The 7 most useful home improvement blogs of 2016

#1. Retro-renovation


This blog contains everything that you need to know about home renovation. It has the best pictorial plans that people can use to get the best ideas for their homes. This blog has been receiving articles from top-notch writers who have experience in home improvement. It has complete listings of the most reliable home improvement specialists. You need to stick to the blog if you want to know the updates at all times.

#2. Porch.com


This is the best blog to follow because it has perfect and approved information to ensure that you get reliable techniques of home improvement. It has been equipped with the best information because competent professionals and organizations were hired to write for the blog. It has been awarded several times due to its consistently excellent work. You can get everything you need for home improvement in this blog.

#3. Houzz.com


This is the blog that has been written with a lot of carefulness. What makes it reliable is the fact that it has been made by architectures and home designers making it full of perfect information. This is the best blog to follow because you can get a lot of information that is going to make you informed at all times.

#4. Remodelista


This is a blog that has been having the highest number of followers. It was started by top home improvement professionals that have all the best knowledge. This blog has been equipped with excellent plans for both summer and winter seasons to ensure that you have the best plans to for your home. This blog has been written with the simplest language to make sure that everyone can understand the concepts that have been explained in the blog.

#5. DIY Network


If you are looking for a place where you can get clear home improvement ideas, you need to ensure that you visit this blog. It has been written with excellent information that makes you get informed and make informed choices. Many people have become fans of this blog because it has even videos to explain its concepts. As if that is not enough, you can talk to specialists directly so that you get the best advice. You can also look for the most exciting home improvement events to attend in the world on this blog.

#6. This old house


This blog was started to ensure that old towns are turned into new ones through perfect plans. However, it has been used as the best home improvement blog because of its excellent ideas. It was a strategy that was meant to change old houses into new ones.

#7. Dwell


Very simple but informative blog that has been capturing followers every day. It has been in the forefront to produce budget-friendly home improvement ideas that are evidence based. Many people from across the world have been recruited to write for this blog.

How expensive can a roof repair be?

The budget for roof replacement and repair differs significantly due to the different aspects of weaknesses that roofs could be having. All the roofs are different, with different sizes and materials that were used to construct them. However there is a price range for every repair that a roof undergoes and no matter how high profile it is, it cannot exceed that range. In every repair, you have the power to ask what is going to be done to your roof to ensure that you get clarification on every intervention that is going to be made. This helps to budget the right way.

#1. Flashing

The materials that connect ducts to your roof could deteriorate in quality due to aging or have some accident and emergencies. These materials are fixed by rubber gaskets that make them reliable and efficient to hold through holding them firmly. The vents are the ones that become of low quality after ten years, and they need to be replaced. B-vents are used to ensure that roofs are correctly installed, and they embed to the house perfectly. This costs $120-$200 to repair everything. B-vents use a metal storm collar, and this could be a bit expensive to fix.

#2. Compromised vertical slits

They lie in between the shingles. They are prone to damage because water runs through them regularly which makes them get corroded and reduce in quality. They, therefore, reduce in quality and they happen to break down easily. They can affect the whole roof causing a real danger. You need to inspect them so that you identify any compromised aspects of the slits. You need to ensure that you replace them no matter how few they are to make sure that the roof remains in top quality. This costs $200-$300 to repair.

#3. Skylights and valleys

Skylights are the small window-like structures that are installed on the roof to ensure that ventilation is enhanced. Because of this, they need to be inspected on a regular basis, as sometimes they loosen making water infiltrate the house. Valleys are the places where two slopes of a roof meet and they can get compromised and become weak making them allow water inside. To ensure that nothing like this happens, inspect and clean the valleys as well as the skylines so that any defect is noted and repaired. Repairing this could cost $25 to $100 depending on the materials that are going to be used.

Repairing roofs should not be taken for granted because they could adversely affect the roof. You need to hire an engineer who can investigate the whole roof and know where to fix it correctly. Fixing should be done following architectural principles that were used to construct the roof so that the quality of the roof remains outstanding. Pricing should be arrived at after calculation of the materials that are going to be used to make sure you know exactly why you should be charged such a price.

How to prepare your roof for a solar panel installation

Installing a solar panel could sound like a very simple thing, but it could real mess your roof completely. Don’t think it is just a little task or something that you are going to install. Here is what you should do.

#1. Get an expert

Solar panels have a weight meaning whatever you are going to add is going to increase the weight of your roof. Architectures can ensure that roof adjustment has been made to be able to accommodate an extra weight that is going to come from the solar panel. This way, your roof is not going to press on the walls. Architects have the ability to determine what weight is suitable for the house at all times.

#2. Make sure the roof is complete and perfect.

You can inspect the roof for broken shingles or broken frames. These should be completely fixed because they reduce the quality of the ceiling. Adding a solar panel to a roof that is incomplete is going to risk the life of the roof. Renovate the whole roof to ensure that all its features are perfect before you install a solar panel.

#3. Know the size of your roof.

You need to measure the width and length the roof so that you get the exact area. Many professionals propose that you need to have at least 200- to 400-square-foot occupied by solar energy panels to avoid compromising the quality of the house. You install the panels about the size of the roof to prevent it from collapsing. Consider putting the panels at the top point of the roof where they can capture maximum sunlight at all times. The area selected for solar panel installation should be modified to meet the desired standards.

#4. Clear the area to be open

The solar panel needs to be an open place where you the panel can capture maximum light. This is going to make it produce maximum energy that you are going to use as you want. All trees that block the rays of the sun coming to the place where the solar panel is should be trimmed completely. The area should be raised to ensure that it captures the rays from a far. Many people put solar where the sun rises from to make sure that it takes maximum sunlight.

You need to locate a new place for the dishes, antennas and other materials like chimneys because the solar panel is usually going to compromise the arrangement of the features. The changing of the positions of elements of the roof should be done with an aim to have an entire roof that is not going to reduce in quality. Having a bright and ideal location for solar panel installation comes after a serious analysis of the roof. You have to ensure that you get a professional who can design and make outstanding adjustments to ensure that your solar panel is well installed.

4 things you should know about your new roof

When building a house, we frequently focus on the kind of furniture we are going to install, the ventilation systems, the flat screens and the big king size beds. But all this could be of no use without having a perfect roof that is going to offer maximum protection. Having a well-designed roof is the first step to ensuring that you get the luxury that you want from the house. Perfect roofs also improve the quality of the houses, and you can see your house lasting longer by having high-quality roofs. Let’s see what is important to consider when making a roof.

#1. It should have a perfect slope for drainage

image1Design your roof in a manner that will ensure all the water is going to be poured out from the roof. Water logging in the roofs could make the water condense and compromise ventilation on the roof.

Condensed water adds more weight to the roof which in turn trigger roof collapse. It is required that you clean all the excess ice from the roof to because this could compromise the quality of roof. Just ensure that you have the best roof structure to avoid all this.

#2. Completeness

image2Having missing or compromised shingles reduces the quality of the roof, and this makes risks the quality of the house. To make sure that you have the best protection from the roof, just ensure that you have all the shingles installed and all the gutters and other accessories well installed.

Having a roof near branches and big trees could make your roof get damaged any time due to heavy winds. Leaves falling on the roof could compromise the roof quality to a larger extent. Cleaning the roof regularly is needed in places where there is a lot of trees.

#3. Compromised flashing

image3In the corners, the chimneys and skylights, fixation could be done in a bad way making the roof real at a mess. To ensure that you have a perfect roof, you need to make sure that the roof does not allow water inside through such loopholes.

Water getting inside makes the ceiling reduce in value, and it can also cause electric shock where there are exposed wires in the house. A lot of attention should be given to these sites to ensure that no holes or point of weaknesses is left behind.

#4. Consider the weight of the building materials

image4Roof are like a burden added to the house. Many times people look for complicated roofs with a lot of things on them. This is okay, but every house has a threshold of the weight that it can accommodate.

To ensure that your house stands for long, the engineer should install a roof that adheres to the strength of the house. Having a perfect roof is what guarantees you the longevity of your home. Therefore, you should not hire people who will just fix materials on top of the house.

The 5 most expensive home remodeling jobs

Home remodeling is not an easy task as many people would think. Remodeling does differs slightly from a newly constructed structure, and this means that it needs to be done with a lot of seriousness otherwise the whole structure is going to be ruined. Some remodeling tasks are very cheap, like remodeling windows and doors while others require maximum time and attention to ensure that all things are perfect. Remodeling needs new restructuring and planning something that makes the work to start from scratch to make sure that nothing is compromised in any way.

#1. Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen could be very expensive because of how you would like it to be shaped. At times, people require everything to is changed and this is like building a new kitchen something that will cost you a lot of money. Replacing the wall tiles, floors, cabinets and having new taps and sinks installed means you have to cater for all that. In situations where people need marble floors or any other unique material to be used, the cost of remodeling the kitchen is going to high. Always aim for space and neatness whenever you do kitchen remodeling.

#2. Roof Remodeling

Roof renovation is the most expensive of all. Here, you need to have the roof frame designed and made again in a new form to ensure that your home looks different. But it is not only designing because the house needs to be assessed to determine the weight of the roof and measures of the roof so that it is not going to compromise any of the house qualities. The materials that are going to be used are also expensive, and people spend a lot of money when it comes to roof remodeling.

#3. Bathroom Remodeling

This varies but mostly, it qualifies to be called expensive. When doing bathroom remodeling, a lot of things need to be changed, and you cannot remodel a bathroom without touching the floors. You need to modify the bathtubs, the shower heads, the tiles, the sinks and install the towel dryers. At times the lighting system needs to be changed completely and a new security alert system to be incorporated in the bathroom. In luxurious homes, people use gold, bronze or silver to construct their bathroom something that makes them spend a lot of money.

#4. Landscaping and Designing

If you need a mesmerizing compound, that is well designed and partitioned it could be real expensive. Your home could be at the sloppy land where even children cannot play football. That area is shaped to become flat so that you have an excellent compound that you can use. Having trees for the garden and backyard is also very expensive at all times.

#5. Furniture Changing and Remodeling

As time goes by, the furniture in the house becomes very old, and this compromises the comfort provision of the home. Changing furniture is very expensive especially when you need to change furniture for the sitting room, bedroom and Kitchen.